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Better With Bliss

My Story -Been There, Done That…

Some might call it a mid-life crisis, but my experience felt more like a landslide of unresolved issues that came out in intense responses to all the ‘stuff’… it came out in parenting, in partnering, in empty-nesting, in peri-menopause, in the pressure of redefining myself, down-sizing, and returning to the workforce after twenty-five years staying home full-time. The gap between where I expected to be and my reality was fraught with complication and so much turmoil – I was suffering! Caught up in the thick of thin things; I felt hopeless in my unhappiness, and my husband was growing increasingly unsatisfied with my dissatisfaction. I desperately needed help, but also knew I didn’t need a diagnosis or a prescription!

So I began a ten year journey of self-help! I read all the books and the blogs, listened to all the podcasts, studied everything available from all the ‘shelf helpers’, I studied my faith, spent the endless hours and even more dollars to discover what really works and I’ve collected the best principles, practices, tools and techniques and designed a program to get you the most understanding and awareness – and make the biggest impact in the least amount of time! I did the work, and I want YOU to reap the rewards!

Bliss /blis/ (noun): great happiness: JOY or contentment

This is the elusive state that religion promises, optimists profess, eastern philasophers seek and thu human race is racing toward… it’s supposed to be the end game for our effort, work, sacrifice and right choices… it’s supposed to be available in the hard moments to bouy us up, magnified and enduring. For most of us, this is the ‘more’ that we speak of, after achievement and acquisition fall empty of meaning and our relationships fail to fulfill and we think, there must be ‘more’.

Whether you need help relieving suffering, discovering love & connection, setting goals, acheiving milestones, transforming your relationships or transforming your life – You are a human having a human experience and you are in the right place! You deserve the best tools and most effective system to provide you the most impact in the least amount of time. Bliss Bound was created just for you!

So keep the husband, keep the kids, keep the job – you can have it all and love it too!! Through renewed awareness, self coaching principles and practices, tool and techniques; your best life is closer than you think!

You will discover the secret to access joy, peace and love in abundance in a way that is completely aligned with your most genuine self, your faith and your sustainable future!

You will gain renewed awareness, increased clarity, confidence and understanding of your felt experience. You will experience true authenticity and reclaim your power to influence your experience, play to your strengths, and make decisions for reasons that you like and serve your highest self.

You can stress less and accomplish more as you become enabled to solve any problem and acheive results through proven self-coaching tools and practices. You will gain almost immediate access to reserviors of peace, joy and love in abundance starting on your first day!

You will be the boss of your bliss – and we guarantee everything feels better with bliss!!

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."