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It’s my personal opinion, you know, kinda my own brand of ‘Life According to Julia’… not specifically taught in any particular course of study, psychological principle or coach training – but it’s consistent with generally accepted thinking and presuppositions of many in the Life Coach space…and that is:

– Life is a spiritual game and there are spiritual solutions to every problem

– All experience, good or bad, caused by choice or perpetrated upon you, can be used to bless your life and bless the lives of other people

– We are all here on earth with a divine purpose, and we need to gain experienc to prepare us to fulfill that purpose to satisfy the full measure of our creation.

And the best news about these beliefs is the overall suggestion these presuppositions suppose is that all experience is good ensuring as long as you are on the earth, it’s never too late!! So all things being equal, you are always enough, you are never too much and you are right on time!! And right now is exactly the right time for you to learn the lessons you’re currently faced with… right now is the exact right time to gain the awareness you need to take the next steps that move you in the direction of becoming what it is you intend or were created to become! And it’s my hope that what you home to become is happy and at
peace, you know, bliss bound! But, either way, you are right on time!