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How did I get here? This wasn’t the plan… I was born for much more than the aveage man. I felt it inside, in my inner most parts, the spark of great esteemed things, created like art. Depression solutions dispensed with a script for meds, pets and crying rooms just doesn’t fit. I know I’m still capable of becoming much more, My life is my prize, if I could just find the door… To navigate the maze of the worlds expectation, failure, victimhood, co-dependency in every relation. If my happiness is pinned on approval outside it’s no wonder my emotions fall fast in a landslide. What desperation wants, hiding shame, isolated I worried, my feelings overwhelm me, so to stop feeling, I hurried. The truth, the whole truth, not just what is said, Stop listening to the offerings of evidence in my head. Allowing my brain to define all the should’s, is like believing all change is bad and can never be good. To manage my thoughts and choose ones that serve changes the game and I’ve found, gives me the nerve… My values and rules, exposed and re-set, Provide appreciation in places I least expected. My old story is just that, from bedtimes and such, and isn’t really real and doesn’t matter so much. It’s what we think that drives all that we do, it defines our experience and ultimately becomes you. Happiness is in the progress toward better things, Joy is forward motion, it’s what momentum brings. The war with yourself is won in surrender, when you give up resisting and embrace your true center. Answer the questions and face all the fear, allow for the feelings and then you’ll see clear… Only when you decide that you’ve suffered enough, embracing the whole of the pain is the stuff. Owning the truth, you hurt you, and take all the blame, Brings freedom and clarity and all kinds of gains. Blame effectively is owning the good with the bad, Owning and loving the worst can bring rich value-adds. So take your intentions, be present and learn, that you give to you all the things that you yearn. Now go, do the work daily, and start living large, because when you own it all, youre always in charge! You can love your life no matter the space, You choose your experience, every time, every place! Love yourself completely and be a generous lover, and live a full life, not just one that you cover. And when you get good at fullfillment, the art, Your life opens up and so does your heart! New awareness and identity is a powerful force, Bring on more life, more meaning, and more love, of course. I’m ready for the challenge, I won’t be undone, I’m not the same person and the best is still yet to come!!